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Becoming Unbreakable: Using Natural Movement and Play to Prevent Injury

Becoming Unbreakable:

Using Natural Movement and Play to Prevent Injury

This session is all about using partner games and scenarios to playfully test our movement boundaries, notice imbalances, and work to improve them. It’s heavily inspired by Fighting Monkey – a movement practice focused on using partner work to become the most adaptable and resilient version of ourselves. 

One of the concepts behind this practice is the idea that humans cannot evolve alone. When we train by ourselves, we can get stuck in the same patterns; isolation breeds stagnation. To truly push ourselves outside our comfort zone (and unearth weaknesses), we must work with a variety of partners and settings that will challenge us safely, yet progressively. 

Expect to experience many engaging games and techniques you can use to test and improve your stability, mobility and hand-eye coordination – both on your own and with one or more partners. All of the games will focus on building functional strength and resilience in our most essential natural movement patterns (pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, balance, etc.).


When: Sunday, October 20th, 12-2PM

Cost: $45


About the Instructor

The session will be led by Nikkie Zanevsky, founder of Wildly Fit. Nikkie is a certified mobility coach, MovNat Level II trainer and parkour and obstacle race instructor with over 10 years of coaching experience. Her movement practice is all about helping adults enjoy movement as much as they did when they were kids. Check her out at @getwildlyfit on Instagram.