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Hanuman Active Vacation to Ireland!

Hanuman’s Active Vacations are back!

This time we are breaking them up by what you are looking to get out of them…

One will be rooted in restoration, recovery, mobility, breathtaking hikes and delicious, nourishing food.

The other trip will be a more demanding week of heavy strength training and intense outdoor conditioning in the dramatic backdrop of the Wild Atlantic Way in the west of Ireland. The week will culminate in the extremely strenuous 'Reeks Walk", a 25km trek across an entire mountain range. 

About the Restorative Active Vacation:

Our week of relaxation and recovery starts on Monday, June 3 with a beautiful walk by the cliffs of Kilkee and on to a dramatic sunset at the stunning Bridges of Ross.

Day 2 will start with an outdoor mobility session where you’ll flow and breathe your way into the day, followed by a fresh breakfast of local goodies. After breakfast, we will venture out on our first big excursion, a hike around the loop head cliffs. 

Day 3 will have a similar start to the day but our excursion will take us to the stunning Burren National Park. On our way back, we will stop by the world famous Cliffs of Moher, pausing for fresh, local food at a quaint Irish pub on our way home. 

Day 4: We’ll venture to a beautiful, hidden beach to brave the chilly Atlantic waters. In the afternoon, we’ll take a private boat trip to a monastic settlement. The boat will continue on to a small fishing village for dinner. 

On Day 5, we’ll get an early start as we travel to Co. Kerry and the beautiful mountains of the Ring of Kerry. Depending on how the group feels we will choose which hike to take and to what degree of difficulty. 

Day 6: Check out 

This trip is ideal for anybody who wants to experience the true beauty of Ireland with the kind, genuine experience that only a local guide could bring. You will stay in comfortable and cozy cottages, wake up to the peace and calm of the Irish countryside and eat food so fresh and local that you will never want to leave. Ask anyone who has been! 

About the Strength & Conditioning Active Holiday:

Beginning on June 10th, Our strength and conditioning trip will be filled with heavy morning strength training in our onsite gym. Afternoons will offer strenuous conditioning sessions in various breathtaking locations. During the evenings, we will focus on recovery in the onsite access to the River Shannon, or by making use of our recovery tools in the gym. Massage therapy will be available at an extra cost

Day 1: After everyone's arrival we will do a mobility conditioning session focusing on opening the hips and upper back after a long day of travel. In the evening, we’ll jump right in with a conditioning session of sprinting up the jaw-dropping Kilkee cliffs. We’ll recover with a sunset picnic at the Bridges of Ross. 

Day 2: We’ll get an early start in the gym — think heavy squats and pull ups. After breakfast and a little down time, we will do a stunning cycle and run around the cliffs of Loop Head Peninsula.  

On Day 3, we’ll tackle deadlifts and presses in the morning, while our conditioning will be a challenging trail run through the surreal Burren National Park. 

Day 4: No strength work today, but that doesn't mean you are off the hook. Our morning workout will be a challenging conditioning course including swimming, sprints, carries and climbs. This all out high intensity training will be followed by a much more relaxed evening. We’ll head out on a private boat tour to a monastic settlement and then on to a quaint fishing village for dinner. 

Day 5: Early bird catches the worm this morning! We’ll get an early on a bus down to the ring of Kerry to tackle the daunting Reeks walk for an incredibly difficult 25km trek  across the entire mountain range. 

Day 6: Check out

This trip is not for the faint of heart. Experience with heavy strength training and an appetite for hard work is required . This week will leave you exhausted, but oddly energized — the perfect combination of work, play and rest.  You will need to train for this trip. Throughout the year we will be organizing challenging hikes to prepare for this trip. 

If you're interested, spots are limited, so sign up ASAP. The first retreat filled up in one week. The cost of the retreat is $1500 for early bird registration (ends April 1st, 2019) and $1800 after. Payment plans are available up until June, so write us at for details on that. Does not include airfare! Register your $250 deposit to secure your spot below. $500 non-refundable deposit is due by April.

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