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The Joy of Breathing Workshop


The Joy of Breathing Workshop

with Ilya Tsinis

Breath is the engine of health, performance, and joy. In this two-hour workshop, we will do a deep dive into breathing, including deep breathing, waking up the breath, special breath exercises for respiratory health, the relationship of breath to posture and emotions, breathing during various exercise modalities (stretching, running, "working in," heavy lifting, etc.), and active recovery. The emphasis will be on application and hands-on exercises. You will come away with new tools you can immediately apply in all areas of your life.

All levels welcome!

About the Instructor:

Born in Moldova, raised in Brooklyn, Ilya grew up playing many sports and loving outdoor activities. From those roots, health and fitness have always served multiple purposes, from physical health to social connection and meditation to play. Ilya has a background in gymnastics, calisthenics, breakdancing, tennis, rock climbing, and martial arts. As a Princeton engineering grad, music composer, and long-time tutor, he has found health and fitness offers him the opportunity to combine all three passions. Ilya approaches health and fitness both as an engineer and an artist – analytically and playfully. He advocates being a generalist and lives by the Leonardo da Vinci motto that "everything is connected."

When: Saturday, May 4th, 12-2pm

Cost: $45 (half off for unlimited members!)