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Training with Pain: Adjusting Your Workouts to Meet Your Goals


Training With Pain: How To Adjust Your Workouts To Meet Your Goals

with Joanna Nobbe, Physical Therapist

About the Workshop:

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn a practical approach to working out if you have chronic pain or injuries.

You’ll practice gauging your body’s response to an exercise and learn how to progress your workouts within your comfort zone.

You’ll come away with a new understanding of pain — and new tools to work with your body in an empowering way.  All levels welcome!

Cost: $45

When: Saturday, April 13th, 12-2pm

About Joanna, your instructor:

Joanna Nobbe is a physical therapist, certified Feldenkrais practitioner, and yoga instructor based in Inwood. She has her Masters in motor control and learning. Joanna aims to help people enrich their life through movement and physical activity.