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Hanuman Hike to Slide Mountain!


Hanuman Hike to Slide Mountain!

Join us for our next Hanuman Excursion to hike Slide Mountain on Saturday, January 26th!

All are welcome, but this will be the first of our challenging hikes in preparation for the Active Vacation to Ireland in June (shameless plug, yup!).

The hike is not too taxing, BUT since it’s winter, the climb will be slightly more difficult than usual. Snow shoes will be necessary. The hike is a seven mile loop on a moderate slope. The trailhead is over 2 1/2 hours from Inwood. If you’re interested, we can look into renting an airbnb the whole group, but we’ll need RSVPs in advance for that.

Please respond to this early so that we can organize! It is peak season in the area, so we’ll need to book very soon. 

RSVP for the hike below!

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Do you have a car and are you willing to drive? (People can chip in on gas, etc.)
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