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Beginner's Mace Workshop with Eoghan O'Kelly




Learn all about the steel mace and how to integrate it into your workout in this beginner’s mace workshop!

The steel mace was historically used as a club with a heavy head to “bludgeon” opponents. Its origins date back more than 1,000 years, used in the Middle Age in conjunction with that heavy arm prevalent as an ancient weapon. We, of course, use it in strength and mobility training today. The Mace is perfect for full body strength, rotational and mobility work. It requires you to find balance while offsetting the weight, which is heavier on one end.

This workshop will help current members and non-members find confidence with the mace as we integrate some of these movement patterns into class.

The benefits of Mace work include:

  • shoulder mobility and rotational power 

  • muscular endurance

  • enhanced coordination and proprioception

  • imbalance correction

  • overall movement quality improvements

    When: Saturday, January 12th, 12-2pm

    Cost: $45 (half off for unlimited members!)