Clubbell Workshop with Eoghan O'Kelly

Clubbell Workshop with Eoghan O'Kelly


Ever wonder what those 'weird weighted bats' are? Well check out our December workshop and find out. 

Clubbells have been around for a very very long time. Their origins being found with Persian from a thousand years ago. In fact Hanuman himself used the Mace or Gada as his strength of the reasons for our name!

The wrestlers used them for shoulder health and overall strength. Swinging weight around your head forces you to stay grounded ;). At Hanuman we use them for many different reasons. Primarily though as a tool to improve rotation and movement in the transverse plane. Twisting and Turning. Movements that are highly under trained in modern gyms but movements that are extremely important to proper core function. We use the club to teach this type of movement with momentum based and controlled exercise. Once we have mastered these basic concepts then we can access the true benefit of the clubs with flowing continuous movements rather than exercise that has a start middle and end point.  

In this workshop we will go over these concepts. The first portion of the workshop will be centered around controlling the club, while the second portion we will look at flowing with the club. 
This workshop is for anyone who is interested in working with Clubbells or if you are current member who wants to get a better understanding of the tool. 

The benefits of Club work include:

-shoulder mobility
-enhanced overall movement quality
-enhanced coordination and proprioception
-enhanced focus and concentration

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