Kettlebell Training in Inwood

Group Training

We offer various group classes in our Manhattan locations. Our classes are not your regular bootcamp with blaring music and screaming trainers. We take a detailed look at your individual goals and movement patterns and incorporate them into the class so as to make your workout as unique as possible. Class numbers are very limited to ensure that each client is receiving all the attention they need. Think of this more like personal training in a small group setting. 

A huge part of Hanuman Health Club's philosophy is the importance of proper movement and the need to correct the basic patterns before working on any harder exercises. We truly believe that building a foundation of bodily awareness and connection with your movement should be placed ahead of any more strenuous health and fitness goals.  This approach sets us apart from most group fitness classes in New York. Our classes are different. 

Committment and consistency is a very important part of the process therefore we have a very strict policy with regard to the expirations of class packages. 

If you would like to check us out and drop into a class register HERE. All our Saturday classes are FREE for first timers!


PErsonal Training

Our personal training sessions are characterized by incredibly attentive trainers who tailor the sessions around your personal goals and needs taking great care to your general lifestyle and movement quality. We want to guide you towards and help you maintain a balanced and conscious lifestyle.  However, one of our biggest passions is helping clients who are suffering with chronic pain and recurring injuries. This is where our detailed and mindful approach to training can be a life changing experience for our clients. 

We offer personal training to clients throughout Manhattan. Depending on the client and their program, we may be training in one of NYC's private fitness studios, your home or office gym, or my personal favorites -- outside in one of New York's great parks or in our very own gym in Inwood.  

Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds. However, they all have a common goal. To move well enough to do what they like to do and stay injury free. Clients generally choose to train privately over a  class format when they have specific goals physically or athletically. Private sessions also work well for clients who are limited by schedule or injury. 

To talk more about personal training and to set up free a consultation send us a message HERE

Functional Training in Washington Heights


Working with a broad range of athletes from soccer players to surfers and runners to rowers, we strive to make athletes more agile, stronger and less injury prone. We do this by improving biomechanics through various movement practices. Learning to move better will improve mobility and stability. Once this is achieved performance can maximized through a mix of training with unstable resistance tools and traditional strength training approaches. This allows you train more efficiently putting less wear and tear on the body keeping you doing what you love to do longer.

" I've felt a significant improvement in my mobility and strength after working out with Eoghan O'Kelly for about six months. Most gym programs seem to work from the outside-in, focusing on the glamour muscles and working toward the core. Eoghan's program works from the inside-out, focusing on your deep core and functional fitness. On the track and on the roads, that translates to strength when you need to reach down find another gear. So far this season, I've improved nine seconds from last year's mile time at this stage -- coming off a fall when I ran fewer miles. At age 51, that's a noticeable drop. I'm injury-free and looking forward to more success." - John Affleck, competitive masters 800 meter runner


As we age, movement becomes more and more important. Bones become brittle, balance declines and power disappears. To overcome this we work on a very detailed and individualized programming to help increase mobility, strength and bone density. This will improve your bodily awareness which in turn greatly improves balance,  mobility and general standard of living.

"Eoghan has helped my husband and I more than I could have imagined. When my husband, Rip, met Eoghan he was on the brink of a knee replacement surgery. Within six months he was walking without a cane or brace. I also work with him and he has made a big impact on how I move. My energy levels are much better than they have been. His approach is very individualized and intuitively knows what I need for the day just by looking at me when I walk into the gym" - Marion Slusser


While it's important to train for quality movement and strength throughout your entire life, the pre and post natal periods become imperative for both the parent and child. Our prenatal training periods are based around educating the mother on how to move and strengthen the core and postural muscles while keeping the baby safe. During the postpartum period we look to restore and even improve pre-pregnancy movement and fitness. 

"Eoghan is very knowledgeable about anatomy. He applies this knowledge to his students on an individual basis, helping each of us reach our goals while focusing on maximizing daily function. As a birth doula, I can confidently recommend him, knowing that he will meet the needs of women during and after pregnancy with great care." Rina Crane - Founder NYC Doula Collective