Humans of Hanuman: Cat Dwyer

We love to feature our members! This is our Humans of Hanuman series and this month we’re interviewing one of the OG Hanuman members, Cat Dwyer. January marked her FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Hanuman Health Club. Congrats and we are so happy to be a part of your life. Without further ado, the interview:


Hi Cat! Tell me a bit about yourself.

I'm a fun-loving NYC gal :) To pay my rent, I'm a self-employed consultant who works with social service organizations helping them meet their missions and goals and help their clients. As a side gig, I am a photographer. And, for fun, I enjoy exploring and learning about NYC, reading, yoga and spending time with friends.

How long have you been in New York (and Inwood)? Where are you from originally?

 I've been in Inwood almost 10 years. I grew up in White Plains in Westchester County, so am a native New Yorker. Been coming to the City since I was a kid. 

Wow! City with a capital C. How did you hear about Hanuman Health Club?

I was with Hanuman before Hanuman was Hanuman! I started training with Eoghan four years ago in January. I had heard about him through social media and word of mouth in the neighborhood. When I started with him, he had space at Inwood Movement Studio and we also worked out in Inwood Hill Park. I have followed his journey from a one-man operation to the owner of a multi-trainer health club. It's been an exciting ride!

How do you find Hanuman different from other gyms and fitness companies?

HHC is a great fit for me -- I don't like going to the gym by myself (what do I do with what?) --I like a class environment. What makes HHC different is the level of care all the trainers give each participant. Because all the classes are small, trainers really pay attention to what you're doing and all of them are super in tune with movement and proper form. They're able to work with people at all fitness levels and adapt moves if you have any injuries. I've learned so much over the last four years, it's amazing! Also, the sense of community that is in the club is unique. Everyone is friendly and we all like to goof around, even though we're doing hard work. Everyone is really supportive and there is always a great vibe.     

Have you always been into fitness? What changed your mind, if not?

I have often tried to be into fitness, but hadn't had a regular class or trainer for a number of years. I needed to try something different, and here I am four years later! My goal is to have a great quality of life by staying healthy and strong. People have told me over the age of 40 is the "move it or lose it" time of life. So, I thought I would cultivate some good habits for when I get to age 40. (OK, so maybe I'm a little past 40 already.) 

How do you balance it all living in NYC with the hustle and bustle, prioritizing fitness, living life to the fullest? 

Living in NYC is tough, but super rewarding. It's the greatest city in the world. I have always been good at work/life balance, but one thing that helps a lot is our neighborhood. I'm steps away from Inwood Hill and Fort Tryon Parks, and I often find my self walking or jogging on the trails through the woods. As a photographer, I like to go on long photowalks downtown, which is a great way to get out of my own head and pay attention to my surroundings.

What changes have you noticed in your work with HHC over the years and how has moving in this way effected your daily life and energy? 

I know I'm much stronger than when I first started. I am proud of my accomplishments in the last few years. Working with Eoghan has helped me be more mindful of how I move, which has helped me stay aligned and avoid injury. Working out on a regular basis makes a huge difference in my energy levels and also helps me stay focused and clear-thinking.  I've been trying to travel more and I notice I don't mind time changes.I also have no problem walking lots of miles in a day of exploring. 

What do you recommend for someone just starting out in the fitness world?  

Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body. Don't compare yourself to others and be sure to celebrate your achievements along the way! If you're thinking about HHC, try a class. I cannot stress enough how life-changing it has been for me.

Cat, thank you so much. This has been really wonderful. :)