Humans of Hanuman: Annette Durán

Each month, we're featuring a new student in our Humans of Hanuman series. First up is the one and only Annette Durán, Eoghan's longest standing client at Hanuman Health Club's Inwood location. We love her so!

Hi Annette! Tell us a little bit about yourself. :)

Oh my, where do I start???  Well, I'm an architect by training but work in the construction world; I'm a construction manager in NYC. Pretty stressful job overall which has given me plenty of grays (no, it's not the age!!!).  I'm many things and nothing at all, I'm a caregiver to my 80 yrs old sick mother, I'm the oldest of 5 sisters, I'ma proud Leo, I'm an independent woman, I'm a very vocal person, I'm stubborn as hell, I am a loving and caring person, I'm extremely passionate about those I care for and the things that get my interest, I lose my attention and interest quickly if i don't feel engaged (very short attention span lol), I'm a foodie and a plant lover, I love elderly people and the wisdom they offer us, I'm a young soul in a not so young body. And then again, I'm nothing, just a transitory being passing through life -- a punctuation on the book of life. 

How did you hear about Hanuman Health Club?

Hanuman Health Club..... well, I'm pre-Hanuman if that's a thing. I think it's better if i speak of how i got into training with Eoghan. It was close to 3 years ago and I was searching for a decent gym or workoutgroup in Inwood.  I had just moved to Inwood from Morningside Heights and couldn't find any decent place to work out.  So i think it was on Facebook through the Inwood Community Page where I saw something about a small group of people working out in the park in the early mornings. I reached out via email from overseas and as soon as i returned signed up and have been hooked ever since.  I've evolved along with the practice to be part of what is now known as Hanuman Health Club.  The few of us who started early mornings in Inwood Park, pitch black days of cold and continuous dedication.... we are the genesis of Hanuman Health Club in Inwood. 

How do you find Hanuman Health Club’s approach to be different from other gyms or fitness methods?

The stuff we do at Hanuman is unconventional and I mean unconventional, because my NYC Gym experiences have always been the same, whether at the Sports Club, Equinox or Chelsea Piers....  a bunch of equipment, BS classes, figure it out on your own unless you took privates for an exorbitant amount of money and little gain (personal experience).  

Hanuman is different. There is a genuine interest in getting you to be the best you can be.  The stuff we do can't be found anywhere else.  There is a focus on mobility, but going hand-in-hand with developing strength and power -- it's a concept which i never saw before and, for me, works great. It has taught me so much about my body and what it can or can't do.  I no longer feel like I need to push to the breaking point just because someone is yelling at me to do so. I have learned to listen to my body and work with it to develop the wellness and strength that I've achieved thus far and continue to do so.  And I absolutely love the fact that each session is small enough where the trainers can concentrate on each individual and one doesn't get lost in the sea of sweatness. 

What do you get out of your work with Eoghan?

Ahhhh, tricky question. You mean other than soreness and exhaustion even after all this time working with him?? LOL - every now and then I still get to walk like a penguin for a day or two... :) I consider myself to be very personal; I need the human interaction, I need someone guiding and helping me evolve into the better me and that's what I feel Eoghan's approach offers me.  Working with Eoghan doesn't feel like I'm working with a "trainer", but more like I'm working with someone that I feel comfortable expressing my weaknesses and highlighting my strengths to, who doesn't judge you, nor compare you.  Someone who understands my limitations better than me and works with me to overcome them at times or simply, just like clay, mold the training to adjust to what my body is capable of doing. Every session, over the years, always feels personalized to each of us and our various challenges. 

Which classes do you take? 

I mostly take the Functional Strength and Endurance sessions with Eoghan and Mitch and when the weekend allows, I take the "Flow" class in the park. 

What changes have you noticed in working with the Hanuman Health Club over the years? 

Aside from my acquired strength and power, I'd say that I have been able to better my health overall substantially. My high blood pressure is better controlled and I'm not currently at risk for diabetes. Both health concerns were the engine that propelled me to get my act together and start moving, then it just evolved into a lifestyle which offers a good health benefit. 

How has this effected your daily life, mind and energy?

My life is pretty packed on a daily basis. My days are long and often times have very little time for self, although I always find time for everyone else (it's the caring part of me).   The training sessions are my little sacred self-time. They are mine, my time to be self-centered and not to worry about anyone else (most people are sleeping at that time); I see this time as an expression of self love for lack of a better definition, with the added benefit of better overall health. The training just sets my day right and I feel better prepared to deal with the stresses of the days ahead. It predisposes a more positive attitude in my life while also teaches me to reevaluate what I allow to stress me out or not.   Definitely more relaxed, it's as if suddenly one's seen the light, the light that shines for you and tells you to slow down a bit and take care of yourself a bit more, take care of this gifted temple we call the body and mind. 

What do you recommend for someone just starting out in the fitness world?

Get out there and start working out, start building up your strength and mobility so that when we get to be octogenarians (if we are lucky), we should be able to get up from a fall without breaking a hip. To achieve this, I'd recommend everyone out there to do yourself, your body and mind a favor and take some private sessions with Eoghan. Eoghan will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan suited to your wants and needs with the ultimate goal to help you become the healthiest you can be.  But it doesn't end at one conversation. This has to become your lifestyle in order to see the fruits of the hard work. You need to commit to wanting to be stronger, more powerful and definitely more flexible; anyone can achieve these things as long one has the will to do so and the proper guidance to achieve it. 

Thanks, Annette! :)

Are we friends yet? :)