What makes us unique

The vision of Hanuman Health Club is simple. To give its members the best possible training and coaching for health and fitness in New York City. We want our members to have tools and resources they need to build sustainable health and vitality that will last a lifetime. We want to empower our clients, teach and educate them about their bodies and how to get the most out of them while staying injury free.

We are unlike any other gym or fitness studio you will have ever gone to. All of our instructors pride themselves on giving as much individual attention as possible to each of our members. That is why we don't pack out classes. in our classes you won't be shouted at loudly by some 'trainer'. You won't be subject to music blaring so loud you can't hear your self think. In fact it is the exact opposite we want you to be completely focused and immersed in yourself and what you are doing in class.

We want this to be almost like a fitness and movement college. A place where you can choose and create your own curriculum towards your movement and fitness goals. Taking our classes will foster a mindful approach to moving that will last long after you leave the gym that morning.

How Does It Work?

The idea of the gym is that all of your needs can be met under one roof. From Yoga to muscle growth and everything in between. Looking at your fitness from a holistic point of view, we believe that everyone must work not just on what they like but the system as a whole. Movement quality, strength and stability, mobility and recovery. They are all very important aspects of your development. We can not concentrate on just one aspect of the system and expect to perform at our highest level. That is why we have created our system. We encourage our members to choose their classes from each of these fitness columns. Strength and Endurance, Movement Quality and Recovery. Some of our classes will cover more than one of these columns.

For example you might take our stable growth class as your strength based class, you could then match this with our Hatha Yoga class for recovery and the good moves class to learn how to implement all of what you are doing into your daily life.

Below is a list of classes under each of our pillars of fitness. Some of these classes will overlap and all of our classes emphasize movement quality but certain classes will see its sole focus as such.

Movement Quality (always emphasized):

Good Moves




Strength and Endurance:

Stable Growth

Functional Strength & mobility


Functional Conditioning



Good Moves


What should do?

It's simple, just join. Enroll in courses and invest in learning about yourself and your body. Try all of our classes and change your perception of what working out really is.

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