Coming to Inwood

So here we are guys, almost at the final hurdle of opening our and your very own Functional Training Studio. I just want to let you all know what is happening. As with everything we have not opened as quick as we would have liked. We are getting there though. You can see from the pictures it is beginning to look somewhat like a gym. Right now we are waiting on the flooring (hopefully next Tuesday). Once the flooring is in we can add the pièce de résistance, a 20 foot long monkey bar set ranging in height from 8 to 11 feet. Outside of that it is just a few little tweaks and fixes that any business needs to smooth over  before the doors finally open for our  grand opening on Sunday June 11th.

With all this being said I want to give you a little history and overall idea of the gym and what we are trying to accomplish.

Three years ago I started small group classes in Inwood Park. Armed witha few rubber bands and the knowledge that my beloved Inwood had very little in terms of fitness options I was determined to provide the best group training possible to Inwoodites.  Despite lots of rain that summer the classes went great so I decided to add a second and a third.  By the end of the summer we had 20 people consistently showing up for bodyweight and resistance band workouts. The next step was to invest in more equipment, Kettlebells and Sandbags. Big mistake. First I tried to carry them to the park. Carrying 200lbs of Kettlebells and Sandbags is never fun but at 5am it is really the same as torture. After a few weeks of this, I had to get a yard cart to try make my early morning voyages a little easier. It was some what of a success but far from ideal. Of course my girlfriend nearly kicked me out of the house many times for taking up half the apartment with a cart full of weights.

The next problem was figuring out what to do in the winter. Luckily I met Tessa Chandler of Inwood Movement (who is a genius with movement and the body by the way). We moved into her studio for the winter but because of the size we had to scale down the numbers who could come.

The following summer I was committed to not having to lug all of my stuff to the park every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I managed to get in contact with the Inwood Little League and by sponsoring two of their teams for the season they let me use their storage shed. This was a massive victory for my mental health! The situation remained the same for the following winter and summer. However, there was a problem. Most of the people crazy enough to come out the park and train every week had been loyal with me from the start. That meant I was able to progress them all to a pretty advanced level of exercise technique and strength. The problem was how to take in new comers? The solution...I didn't have one. So I decided to downsize, stopped all promotion and taking on new members. After two years of this approach I realized I needed to be able to come up with a system to help all levels. That is when I decided to seriously start looking for a space to open and call our own in Inwood. It was a heart breaking process that lasted a solid 9 months before I finally found something that worked. A space sharing opportunity with Warriors Taekwondo on the second floor of 3859 10th Ave. It's a huge 4,500 square foot space with enough room for each of our schools to have all the training space we need plus bathrooms and changing areas.

My goal for this space is to provide a full movement and holistic fitness schedule under one roof. That is why we won't just be offering my classes, instead I have assembled a great team from bodybuilders to yogis and everything in between. The reason being that I truly believe that every system that has been developed through ages of physical culture has it's benefits. My goal is to have Hanuman Health Club be your source of movement and fitness education. A school where you can get to learn how to move better through your daily lives in our Primal Moves and Good Moves classes. Remain strong and injury free Functional Strength and Mobility classes. Build muscle and conditioning in our Stable Growth and Endurance classes. Finally, but arguably most important, learn how to recover with mindful yoga and rejuvenation practice. Through out all of our class options movement quality will always be emphasized. Slow controlled and sustainable growth is always at the heart of our philosophy, very much in contrast with the modern go hard or go home attitude toward fitness.

So there you have it, I may have blabbered on a bit more than you would have liked to have read but I am very excited about this and really want to share with you all that is happening. This is definitely not the end of the story for Hanuman Health Club, it is only the beginning. We are looking forward to becoming a real Inwood institution and hope have you as a part of this community.

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