Humans of Hanuman: Brett Bailey

Each month, we're featuring a new student in our Humans of Hanuman series. This time we're featuring Brett Bailey!


Hi there Brett! Tell us about yourself.

My life is always on the move, however, fitness is just part of it. I have been training in martial arts since 1997.  I have many injuries from simple wear and tear from sports. I'm 6'2 almost 200lbs and when people ask me what am I training for I tell them "I'm training for 70". My focus is mobility, stability and overall health. Fitness is a part of my life and I don't plan on having it die before I do.

How did you hear about HHC?

A little over a year ago I saw somebody in Inwood Hill Park carrying 2 Indian Clubs. Immediately, I ran over knowing that this person shared the similar values in fitness that I do. His name was Eoghan. He mentioned he has a small group class by the water. I took a personal session with him and learned the foundation of connecting my body, as well as the kettlebell swing. We stayed in touch and I was excited to hear about his gym opening and can't wait to see how it grows!


How do you find HHC approach different from other gyms or fitness methods?

The first thing I noticed about HHC was that is does not follow the trends of what makes follows the science of what makes people healthy. The instructors are able to personalize classes towards individual needs without anyone feeling weird about it. HHC uses tools such as mace, club bell, kettle bells and so on. These tools cannot always be found in any gym so its great when you get the opportunity to learn how to utilize them!


What do you get out of your work with the trainers at HHC and how has the work affected your daily life, mind and energy?

Everyday I show up to class, Eoghan teaches me something I can take with me when I'm not in class. Whether it's the proper way to activate my body, rehab an injury or simply cool down and body scan. I haven't gone to a single class without bring home something new! I would have to say HCC has made me self-aware of my body and overall physical health. I know how to properly lift something off the ground or simply roll over appropriately while playing with my nephews.


What do you recommend for someone just starting out?

Make an investment to learn about the foundation, if fitness is something they're set on.

Thanks, Brett!

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