Humans of Hanuman: Rina Crane

Each month, we're featuring a new student in our Humans of Hanuman series. This time we're featuring Rina Crane!


Hi Rina! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I'm a native New Yorker. I'm a mother of two homeschooled children, aged twelve and ten. I am a birth doula and birth doula trainer. I live in the Bronx and walk about thirty minutes to get to Hanuman. 

Amazing! So how did you hear about Hanuman Health Club?

I started training with Eoghan a little over three years ago, before Hanuman was born. I found out about his classes on an Inwood Facebook group. I read the posts for a few months before I actually got up and did anything about it. I'm so glad I finally did! 


How do you find Hanuman Health Club’s approach to be different from other gyms or fitness methods?

I made a couple of children with my body, fed them with my body and then I spent a long time being inactive. I was a prime example of inertia. I had no desire to do any traditional fitness stuff. I noticed the difference immediately when I met Eoghan in the predawn park. He's dedicated to working with each individual. He meets us each where we are and pushes us, but only against ourselves. He's also very smart and has us work smart too. His routines are a balance of creativity and intelligence. Mostly, though, they're about getting our bodies to do what they're meant to do. 

What do you get out of your work with Eoghan?

Well, every time I work out with him I hate him a little more and love him a little more. My body is strong because he makes me want to work out. I've gained an appreciation for what my body can do, of which I had no clue during my years of inactivity. Furthermore, I know I can do more in the future. The changes keep coming and they are tangible. 

Which classes do you take? 

Functional Strength and Endurance


What changes have you noticed in working with the Hanuman Health Club over the years and how has moving in this way affected your daily life, mind and energy? 

I am so strong! Yes, physically I have gained lots of strength and this has made me feel much better about myself. That carries over into my parenting and my teaching and makes the whole world better for me. 

I've got a whole cycle going. I love going to my classes which makes me feel better about myself, produces endorphins and gives me more energy. Then that makes me want to go to classes more. I'm always upset to miss one. I think it's a marketing scheme, like an addiction. 


What do you recommend for someone just starting out in the fitness world?  

My first recommendation is to just get started. The day of my first class, I had set my alarm for 5:30pm rather than 5:30am. I woke up on my own at 6, which was too late to make it on time. I e-mailed Eoghan and asked if I should go to the next class or just wait until the next session started. I really wanted him to tell me to wait the four weeks! I'm so glad he didn't because, if I hadn't started when I did, I don't know that I would ever have. 

Another piece of advice is to listen to your body. The instructors at Hanuman are going to help you with that too. 

Finally, when they say, "Squeeze the glutes." They're talking about your own. Don't reach over and squeeze anyone's butt during class!

Hahahah. Thanks for sharing your story, Rina. We love you!

If you're a first timer, feel free to register for any Saturday class on us!