Where is your gym located?


We are conveniently located in Inwood, easy for members ranging from the Upper West Side to Riverdale. The studio is just steps away from the 207th street 1 train and only a few blocks from the A train on 207th street.


What are the opening hours?


The majority of our classes take place early morning. However, the gym is open throughout the day from 6am Monday - Thursday. On Fridays we’re open from 6am to 1pm and on Saturdays we’re open from 8am to 1pm.  All classes and training sessions are by appointment only. We do not have any drop in's. If you would like to come by and see our space please contact us in advance.


Do you guys just do group fitness?

          Nope! All of our instructors offer personal training in their respective fields.

Should I do personal Training or group classes?


Our classes are small, with no more than 10 people per class. They are intelligently programed and coached with incredibly attentive and detailed teachers. They are the closest thing to personal training that you can get in a group training format in New York. Personal training, however, can’t be beaten when it comes to results. We highly recommend beginners invest in themselves by taking some personal sessions with Eoghan. Personal training is also great for anyone who has recurring pain or injuries as we can be more detailed in finding movement patterns that will help you recover and perform to your maximum potential. The same can be said for athletes with a detailed goal in mind.


What class is best for me as a beginner/athlete/recovering from injury/fairly fit person?


If you are recovering from injury or are an athlete with specific goals, we recommend personal training and programming. For everyone else looking to get healthy, happy and strong, our classes are programmed perfectly for all levels. We believe very strongly in the holistic development of movement and health. This means that we can’t just constantly focus on ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘go hard or go home’ workouts. We must build a progressive and consistent approach to training. Our classes are designed to cover movement quality, strength, endurance and recovery. While most gyms just offer one of these options, we strive to have them all under one roof.  

Although our training methods and styles have been described as unconventional, we believe that our method should, in fact, be conventional. We believe that all methods of training from pilates to parkour, bodybuilding to breakdance and strength training to stretching have their place in holistic health and fitness. This is why we do not strictly stick to any one form of training, but a hybrid of all. Although no two bodies or movements are the same we have developed a system that follows the way the body is meant to move while still challenging the system to grow and transform


Why is this better than conventional gym training?

Most people find their way to a fitness class because they want to change or develop something about their body. Our philosophy is to promote steady and progressive growth in your training movement and self confidence. The concept of integrating strength, endurance and recovery into your routine will help you develop consistently in a sustainable and healthy way. Rather than constantly attacking your nervous system in an aggressive manner, which in the long run is doing you more harm than good, our classes help you feel revitalized and strong throughout your daily life. They empower you to make healthier choices and live a lifestyle that builds lean muscle and mobility. It is not about training harder, it’s about training smarter.


How will Hanuman Health Club help me achieve my goals to get fit, strong and more lean?

How does your pricing work?


We have various options to choose from. All of our pricing is set up to promote consistency. Our monthly payment plans offer unlimited and 8 class/month options. The unlimited plan, without a doubt, offers the best price in New York City considering the level of detailed coaching you will receive. Monthly plans require a 3-month minimum commitment and we allow one ‘pause’ on your plan per 3-month period.

We also offer class packages. These range in price depending on the size of the package.

Do you have a cancellation or late policy?

Yes, you must cancel your booking at least 4 hours before class. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your class and or an additional charge depending on your plan or package.


Do you take drop-in classes?

Yes, we take drop-ins. However, we really encourage consistent membership so that you can receive the full benefit of our progressive training style.

Does the space have showers?

Yes, we have a shower and changing room.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us here.