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Welcome to Hanuman Health Club.  We are a holistic health and fitness club offering small group and private training throughout New York City with primary locations in Inwood and Chelsea.  Our purpose is to help our members develop the highest level of health, wellness and performance possible.

Hanuman Health Club derives its name from the Hindu God of strength and power. His egoless devotion and perseverance to becoming his best self and to help others is a story that aligns itself with our training philosophy.

We believe in a balanced and mindful approach towards fitness. Rather than a ‘no pain, no gain’ ‘go hard or go home’ attitude, our goal is to help you increase your bodily awareness so that you move better, move more and move stronger. So, while we understand the importance of hard work we also preach the importance of recovery and the holistic approach that must be taken to fitness and health. We like to say that you must earn the right to work hard.  








eoghan o'kelly

Eoghan is the founder of Hanuman Health Club. An experienced trainer, he loves everything about what he does and is grateful that he is able to work with so many different people from different walks of life. He is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Kettlebell Coach and as a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Coach. He believes that you can never stop learning this trade and luckily loves that he is in a profession that forces him to stay ahead with the latest science and practices in health and fitness. He has learned from many different disciplines and continues to learn to make sure he can provide the very best programming available. 


Hassiem Muhammad

Hassiem comes from a very diverse movement and fitness background. At the ripe age of 9, he began training in Cantonese Hung Gar Kung Fu, which would prove to be the beginning of his movement journey. He has also trained in dance, yoga, acrobatic partnering, had balancing, gymnastics, circus, physical theater, and stage/film combat as well. In addition, a little over a year ago, he began developing his own movement methodology: the Pentamerous Movement Technique. Recently located to NYC just five months ago, Hassiem has found a home at Hanuman Health Club, and is now one of the resident trainers.


Joanna Nobbe

Joanna Nobbe, PT, DPT, MA is a physical therapist and certified Feldenkrais® practitioner. Joanna teaches Strength and Balance for Older Adults and Training with Pain at Hanuman Health Club. Joanna works privately with clients for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, skilled balance training, and performance optimization using therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular training and hands on therapeutic techniques.

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Jamie Botti

Jamie is a NCSF certified personal trainer. She also holds a certification in Kettle Bells and is a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor.  Jamie enjoys training people of all different ages and fitness levels.  While working alongside some of New York's most talented trainers at Titan Fitness Studios and through her experience working at Equinox, Jamie has gained the knowledge and skills necessary to guide her clients to their short and long term goals.  Through working on her clients' mobility, flexibility, strength and conditioning, she helps them create better movement patterns, gain strength, lose weight, develop a love for their own bodies, and even build a healthier mind, body and soul connection. 


Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan is a movement teacher who specializes in Restorative Exercise and Natural Movement. His Restorative Exercise certification (RES from Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement Institute) provides an expertise in restoring the body’s optimal alignment so as to alleviate many common ailments of modern living and to regain the freedom of natural movement. His Natural Movement training (Mov Nat level 2) provides the platform to teach the fundamental movement skills that are our birthright as human beings.

Patrick brings a playful approach to his classes so that they can act as a forum for movement exploration.

Seamus Keane

Originally from County Mayo in the West Coast of Ireland, Seamus has a lifelong love of movement and everything outdoors! In 2014 he moved to New York to work in Finance before leaving his job to become a full time fitness professional. As an American Council on Exercise certified instructor, his common sense approach to fitness has helped improve the lives and bodies of people in both Ireland and the US by increasing energy through better exercise, nutrition and mindset practices. Regularly taking part in team adventure races raising thousands of dollars for charities locally in New York, Ireland and throughout the world, Seamus enjoys the group dynamic and massive sense of accomplishment they bring! 


Ilya Tsinis

Born in Moldova, raised in Brooklyn, Ilya grew up playing many sports and loving outdoor activities. From those roots, health and fitness have always served multiple purposes, from physical health to social connection and meditation to play. Ilya has a background in gymnastics, calisthenics, breakdancing, tennis, rock climbing, and martial arts. As a Princeton engineering grad, music composer, and long-time tutor, he has found health and fitness offers him the opportunity to combine all three passions. Ilya approaches health and fitness both as an engineer and an artist – analytically and playfully. He advocates being a generalist and lives by the Leonardo da Vinci motto that "everything is connected."